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DT Intro: Presidio Challenge


Our students will get their first taste of design thinking this year working in cross-grade collaboration.  Working reciprocally, 7th graders and 2nd graders are designing solutions to help each other better understand native plants and birds of the Presidio.  The design thinking challenge beautifully bridges grade level curricular topics, while fostering creativity and teaching our students the design thinking process and mindsets.  We will certainly employ a bias toward action and radical collaboration: this mini-challenge is one week long!



We are delighted that you’ve come to visit!  We are at a unique crossroads in Town School’s history, as our school is not only under physical construction, but our focus on teaching and learning is being re-examined.  In doing so, the school has renewed a commitment to encouraging innovative teaching practices, one of which is design thinking.  After a few years of dabbling in design thinking, we are eager to share our work charting the new approach at Town.


Town School, before


Upper School, now


Lower School, now


Town School, next year