DT Around Town

We have been brainstorming design challenges relevant to our curriculum, culture, and new learning space.  Some of our ideas include, but are not limited to:

How might we promote awareness of native Presidio birds?

How might we educate visitors about native Presidio plants?

How might we improve Cable Cars in San Francisco?

How might we build a representation of a San Francisco neighborhood?

How might we build structures to support plants growing indoors?

How might we redesign solutions to dilemmas in literature?

How might we redesign our classroom space?

How might we manage two split campuses while we are under construction?

How might we ease the transition back to our joint campus next fall?

How might we build an apparatus to test a popularly held myth?

How might we design an electronically-powered game for a 1st grader?

How might we generate carbon-neutral electricity?


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