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Prototyping: Presidio Challenge

For our introductory design thinking challenge in second grade, Rachel Dionne and Amy Nielsen created a helpful template for planning prototypes.   They made a large sheet (11×17) that included a graphic organizer for planning (Idea?  Materials Needed?  Description?) and an open space for drawing the plan.  Students in their class used the data they collected from interviewing 7th graders to collaborate and plan prototypes together.  While they all were addressing the same design challenge (“How might we educate our 7th grade friends about native Presidio birds?”), their ideas were extremely varied.  Some ideas included board games, models, motorized birds, books, apps, and diagrams.

I also observed students using a generative design thinking mindset, building on each others’ ideas with a “Yes, and” approach.  In particular, we witnessed this exchange between two boys working on a board game:

Boy 1: “How will people move forward?”

Boy 2: “We should have cards.”

Boy 1: “Yes, they should have bird trivia on them!”

Boy 2: “And they’ll tell people how many spaces to move!”

Boy 1: “And they should have answer options A, B, C so people can guess the answer!”

Despite the government shutdown, we’re excited to share and test our prototypes in the Presidio tomorrow!

Prototyping a board game

Prototyping a board game


Using diagrams in books for prototyping inspiration


Sharing prototype ideas






Introducing the protoyping planning template


DT Intro: Presidio Challenge


Our students will get their first taste of design thinking this year working in cross-grade collaboration.  Working reciprocally, 7th graders and 2nd graders are designing solutions to help each other better understand native plants and birds of the Presidio.  The design thinking challenge beautifully bridges grade level curricular topics, while fostering creativity and teaching our students the design thinking process and mindsets.  We will certainly employ a bias toward action and radical collaboration: this mini-challenge is one week long!